Physical Health Conditions (Jan & Vicki)
In this 6 week online course we'll explore how to find peace with:
Parenting - Pregnancy To Teens (Nikki & Kathryn)
Anxiety & Agoraphobia (Nikki & Laura)
Working Life (Julie & Jan)
Oneself - Self Belief & Confidence (Vicki & Laura)
Stress, Burnout & Insomnia (Kathryn & Julie)
An invitation to a live 60 minute Q&A call each Monday at 7pm GMT where you can ask questions of the coaches and explore issues relating to that weeks' video. The Q&A's will be recorded and sent out to all participants.

An invitation to join a private Facebook group for your support.

A 20 - 30 minute video from two of our coaches about one of the areas we are exploring. These will be sent to you on a Friday.
Each week you'll get:
Coach Testimonials
For just £40 (approx $56) you'll be sent the 6 video 'lessons', an invitation to 6 live Q&A calls with the coaches & an invitation to a private Facebook group. You will need Zoom to attend the calls. They will be recorded if you can't attend in person.

Join the waiting list for the next round:

"I can't recommend Nikki enough as a coach/mentor. I hope you are lucky enough to work with her."
- Rachel
"With Kathryn's help I stepped out of a long-term depression."
- Robert
"Vicki opened my eyes to a life of simplicity and contentment."
- Lizzie
"Laura gently coached me away from 'head thinking' to come back home to myself"
- Julie W
"Julie's gentle, insightful support came just at the right moment."
- Susan
"Jan has transformed my life from stress and anxiety to relaxed and peaceful."
- Julie C
Email vicki@freefromlimits.co.uk
Meet the coaches:
Join six wellbeing coaches on a six week journey to find ease with life, whatever it throws at you.

Do you find yourself struggling? Plagued with physical health conditions, stress, worry and/or self doubt? Unable to adapt to all the changes going on around you? If so join the six of us for a six week exploration of how to find peace with it all. As six humans who have experienced these same struggles, we will share what we've seen that has changed everything for us.
Programme testimonials
"I can hand on heart recommend Peace Amongst the chaos to anyone feeling the effects of overwhelm, anxiety, self-doubt, insomnia or panic attacks. The skills I learnt during the 6 weeks should be taught at preschool, the world would be a calmer, happier place if they were." Rebecca

"I highly recommend anybody to join the course." Carmel 

"Even when I thought the topic was not going to be of particular interest to me, I would always learn something new from the conversation. I enjoyed that each session showed me a different way to look at a situation." Libby

"I feel like my world grew and I'm really excited to learn more." Carrieann